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Cover Reveal- The Lover's Game by J.C. Reed

Hi, everyone! I loved helping out author Jessica Reed with the cover reveal of her book, The Lover's Secret and I'm loving doing the same for the second book in the series, The Lover's Game. Jessica has a post ready for all our readers and I can't wait to share it with you, so let's get on to it straightaway. 

Cover Reveal: 

Title: The Lover's Game

Author: J.C. Reed

Genre: Mature New Adult/ Adult Contemporary Romance

Recommended for ages 18 and up.

Full Length Novel

Expected Publication Date: September 9th 2014

When love is a game...

After having her heart broken, Brooke tries to rebuild her life and closes herself off from the one man she loved deeply.

When she meets Grayson, a photographer, she has no idea that her new boss will offer her more than she bargained for. The pay is great, her new friends more than welcoming and everything seems to be running well…until everyone insists she find herself a new suitor during a night out.

Jett knows how to play games. He is used to getting attention from everyone except the beautiful dark haired woman who doesn’t like to be fooled with and doesn’t trust him as far as she can spit. He wants Brooke but, more than that, he wants to own her, and the only way to get her is to make her owe him…against her will.

And what Jett owns, Jett keeps forever.

The Lover's Secret (No Exceptions 1)

Available now:  

worldwide, print and ebook

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No Exceptions #1 (No Exceptions, #1)

The Lover's Game (No Exceptions 2)

Available: 9/9

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No Exceptions #2 (No Exceptions, #2)

About J.C. REED

J.C. Reed is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of SURRENDER YOUR LOVE series. She writes steamy contemporary fiction with a touch of mystery. When she's not typing away on her keyboard, forgetting the world around her, she dreams of returning to the beautiful mountains of Wyoming. You can also find her chatting on Facebook with her readers or spending time with her two children. 

Connect with Author
Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

Woah, I think that is a pretty hot cover! Your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

I'd like to thank Jessica for letting us be part of the cover reveal and for being so amazing. Also stay tuned as we have more stuff from Jessica coming soon. Thank you for stopping by, and see you soon! 

Monday, September 01, 2014

Review- We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Goodreads Summary:

A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.

We Were Liars is a modern, sophisticated suspense novel from National Book Award finalist and Printz Award honoree E. Lockhart. 

Read it.
And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.


When your favourite bloggers read and appreciate a book, you have to read it, no matter what. We Were Liars has already gone down in history as the fastest and most sincere recommendation I've taken from my buddy Tanja. I had been seeing the book around a lot and when I read Tanja's absolutely beautiful review for it, I began reading the book within an hour of reading her review, so you can imagine the impact her review had on me. Our buddy Glass read and loved the book as well so that was definitely a plus. I wasn't expecting much (as I've learned not to do) from the book, but it seemed like it would be a very good story. Unfortunately, my feelings are mixed and even more unfortunate is the fact that I do not like mixed feelings.

Let me start with the positives. This was the first E. Lockhart book that I read and the writing was amazing. It had such a pretty flow to it and it could be read as poetry. It's not always easy to read books written this way and I am well aware that most people do not prefer to read in this manner, but I get hooked on to it from page one. The writing was the second reason why I went fast with the book than my normal reading speed. The first reason, you ask? The mystery. The intrigue. The curiosity. Just like the writing, I was into the plot from the beginning. I was dying to know exactly what would come my way and my curiosity was piqued to the point that I wasn't even making up my own imaginary scenes as I just wanted to know, know and know more.

That brings me to the plot itself. While the story was quite strong and highly interesting, I didn't quite like the way in which it was executed. I loved the ending because I love these kind of endings, but somewhere, I felt that something was missing and that is purely my fault since I kept asking and waiting for something more. There were quite a few issues that were going on on the island on which this story takes place among the family there and they were really good and well developed, but issues like this are much more fascinating when there's more depth to them. I felt that they became very petty at some point. Also, the ending didn't have an impact on me. If anything, I was only trying to search for something that wasn't there. The characters were fascinating, I would say, with each person having flaws, making them more real, but I didn't connect to them save for a few truly exceptional times.

I really wish I had liked We Were Liars more like everyone seems to have, but then again, I am someone who goes left when everyone goes right. Anyway, I am so glad I gave the book a try since it is beautiful in its own way and the whole reading process was one amazingly cool experience keeping me at the edge of my seat throughout and when a book does that,  it is a good book. The few aspects that I didn't quite enjoy or "get" end up being the main parts unluckily, but that aside, this was a good book.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Author Interview + Giveaway (IN only)- Bubble Wrap by Kalyani Rao

Hey guys! :)
Today we have with us, Kalyani Rao. She is the author of Bubble Wrap. There is also a giveaway at the end of the post who can win 2 copies of Bubble Wrap. So keep reading!


Twelve-year-old Krishna Singh has been married off to Shyam Singh of Rokhagadh, Rajasthan. Before the wedding, Krishna's grandmother gives her a box filled with exquisite jewellery, telling her to sell it in times of trouble, but otherwise to hide it from her parents and in-laws. Accompanied by Gudiya, the fifteen-year-old widow of her cousin, Krishna realises that her cold marital home is a far cry from the loving one she left behind. The world outside has modernized and is beamed via television into her home. But she is not allowed to go to school, instead a female tutor comes home to teach her. A dubious father-in-law, a husband away at boarding school, and a mousey mother-in-law clearly show Krishna what is a woman's place in this family. An unfortunate incident leads Krishna and Gudiya headlong into a series of events that change their lives forever. As they deal with one situation after another, the girls discover each other and learn much about the world they live in. Bubble Wrap is a story about their fight for survival against impossible odds in a shallow male-dominated society.


Kalyani Rao likes to describe herself as a travel junkie who writes. She believes that she has learned most of her lessons in life while traveling. Kalyani is based out of Pune where she also runs a theme-based Travel Company.

A big fan of Haruki Murakami, she also blogs and some of her writing can be found at twinklingpebbles.wordpress.com. Bubble Wrap is the debut novel of this young entrepreneur. 


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a bit of a non conformist who likes to believe that I have learned most of my lessons in Life by travelling extensively. I run a theme based travel company and pursuing my passion to write.

Tell us about your book, Bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap  is a story of our times where medieval and primitive mindsets still prevail.The story is being narrated by a twelve year old married girl who narrates this emotional roller coaster filled with nail biting suspense. Bubble wrap is also a story of friendship and love between Krishna and Gudiya,the two main characters of the story.

What inspired you to write your book?

One of my backpacking trip to northern India inspired me to write the story of Bubble wrap.

    Are any of the characters in your book inspired by someone you know or are they complete results of your imagination?

    I am inspired by lot of people and incidents when I wrote the characters of the book however most of it is my imagination.

    What kind of research went into writing your book?

    Well most of research was done when I was travelling across north and when I stayed with a local family.

    Did you always want to become an author or was it something that you eventually thought of or realized? If not an author, what did you want to be when growing up?

    I guess I always enjoyed putting my thoughts together and observe and somehow being an author allows that.

    Tell us why readers should pick up your book.

    One should pick this emotional book to feel warm,nudged and desperate at times.Its one of those reads which makes us put up questions.

    What do you like to do when you’re not writing?



    Kalyani and Harlequin India have generously offered to give away TWO copies of Bubble Wrap to two lucky INDIAN readers.

    Enter through the rafflecopter below or go here.

    May the odds be ever in your favor!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Thanks! Happy reading everybody :)

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    Review- Play With Me by Ananth


    Not very often is one confronted with ravishing beauty. Sid is a successful photographer who works in a boutique advertisement agency. He is single and pretty much has everything he had ever wanted – a rewarding job which happens to be his passion, great co-workers and a smooth sailing life. But the one thing missing, perhaps the most important, is love. And one day, a stunning, independent, free-spirited woman called Cara walks into his life. The two get involved in a thrilling affair, sexually obsessed, which drastically changes all of Sid’s ideas about love. The relationship completely alters the way he thinks about the natural, sensual pleasure. But again, everything changes because something strange happens in Sid’s life - he discovers himself falling intensely in love with another woman. Does that mean he has to walk out on Cara? How will he deal with his new love interest? Find out the answers and more in Play with Me - a story of those emotions that are universal, timeless, and which touch everyone’s life.


    I knew what I was getting into when I decided to pick up Play With Me. It is supposed to be an erotica for everyone who loved Fifty Shades. While I haven't read Fifty Shades, I had more expectations out of Play With Me. What happened was that I was incredibly disappointed with Play With Me. 

    Sid is our hero. He is a successful photographer who works in an advertisement agency. Then he meets Cara. She is a free spirited woman and thus begins their affair. I found Sid's character to be really flat. There was no real depth to him. I didn't get the reasons behind his actions except for the fact that he wanted to sleep with Cara because she was "beautiful".

    I actually found Cara better than Sid which is saying something. Cara did not make excuses about her behavior. All she wanted from Sid was a physical relationship and that's what she got. In the midst of this is Nat. She is a married woman who Sid finds himself falling for while his affair with Cara is still going on. I actually thought Nat was sensible until she too falls in bed with Sid. I couldn't understand what power Sid had that made women magically fall in bed with him.

    There are plenty of graphic scenes in the book because obviously it is erotica but I couldn't find any real intimacy in even a single one of them. There is no such thing as fidelity in the book. I could understand if it was only Sid but his friend Roy is sailing in the same boat cheating on his wife. I couldn't find any growth or development even by the end of the book.

    I am glad that Play With Me was a short read. There wasn't anything in the book that I particularly liked. I couldn't relate to or sympathize with even a single character in the book and it all felt very boring to me. Sadly, Play With Me was a read that I did not enjoy.

    *Note: A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

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    Waiting On Wednesday #100

    "Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

    Oh my God, guys! If you didn't realise it yet, this is out 100th Waiting on Wednesday. I mean, how cool is that! We scored a century. I feel old. But that doesn't, in any way, stop me from wanting to share with you the books I'm looking forward to. Well a nice strong 100 WoWs call for celebration! We don't have anything new to offer, but since celebrations are all around us here at The Readdicts, make sure you stop by our Second Blogoversary Celebration Giveaway Post! 

    Here's what I'm waiting on!

    Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes
    Publication Date- September 2nd 2014

    Goodreads Summary:

    This emotional, hilarious, devastating, and ultimately triumphant YA debut, based on actual events, recounts one girl’s rejection of her high school’s hierarchy—and her discovery of her true self in the face of tragedy.

    Fall’s buzzed-about, in-house favorite.

    Outside, Anika Dragomir is all lip gloss and blond hair—the third most popular girl in school. Inside, she’s a freak: a mix of dark thoughts, diabolical plots, and, if local chatter is to be believed, vampire DNA (after all, her father is Romanian). But she keeps it under wraps to maintain her social position. One step out of line and Becky Vilhauer, first most popular girl in school, will make her life hell. So when former loner Logan McDonough shows up one September hotter, smarter, and more mysterious than ever, Anika knows she can’t get involved. It would be insane to throw away her social safety for a nerd. So what if that nerd is now a black-leather-jacket-wearing dreamboat, and his loner status is clearly the result of his troubled home life? Who cares if the right girl could help him with all that, maybe even save him from it? Who needs him when Jared Kline, the bad boy every girl dreams of, is asking her on dates? Who?

    Anatomy of a Misfit is Mean Girls meets The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Anika’s hilariously deadpan delivery will appeal to readers for its honesty and depth. The so-sad-it’s-funny high school setting will pull readers in, but when the story’s dark foreboding gradually takes over, the devastating penultimate tragedy hits like a punch to the gut. Readers will ride the highs and lows alongside funny, flawed Anika — from laughter to tears, and everything in between.

    This book sounds very interesting and I'd love to give it a try once it's out.

    What are you waiting on this Wednesday? Let me know in the comments below. Happy waiting and happy reading, everyone! 

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014

    Launch Day Blitz- It's in His Kiss by Jill Shlavis

    Book Summary:


    Becca Thorpe has uprooted her life and escaped to the beach. Now's her chance to get away from city living, throw caution to the ocean winds, and live in the moment. Especially if the moment includes the deliciously sexy surfer she meets shortly after arriving in Lucky Harbor. Something about the dark intensity of Sam's eyes and the thrill she gets at his touch convinces her to stay awhile.

    Boatbuilder and investment genius Sam Brody is a self-made man who knows how dangerous it can be to mix business and pleasure. But he can't resist offering Becca a job just to hear her laugh and have her near. Yet when her brother comes to town asking for help, will he tempt her back to her glamorous life in the city? Or do Sam and little Lucky Harbor have a chance to win Becca's heart? 

    Jill's Bio:

    New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill's bestselling, award-winning books wherever romances are sold and visit her website for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.

    You can learn more about Jill at:

    Twitter @jillshalvis

    I loved It's in His Kiss and I can't wait for you guys to read it!
    Happy reading! :)

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    Cover Reveal- Blocked by Jennifer Lane

    Hi, everyone! I am excited to be part of the cover reveal for author Jennifer Lane's Blocked, organised by AToMR Promotions. Let's directly get on to what lies in store for you! 



    By Jennifer Lane

    New Adult Contemporary/Sports Romance

    Releasing October 21, 2014

    College freshman Lucia Ramirez has a secret crush on Dane Monroe. He’s a tall drink of water — blond, brash, and one hell of a volleyball player. Hijole. Lucia hopes her volleyball scholarship to his school will make him notice her.

    Too bad what’s noticeable is Dane’s obvious hatred for Lucia. Her family’s politics contradict everything he stands for. And politics are front and center in both their families. Dane’s mother is about to face Lucia’s father in the race for US President.

    When Secret Service throws them together, Dane can’t deny his frustrating attraction to Lucia’s athletic curves and sweet faith in the world. Amid the intense pressure of college athletics and presidential politics, can opposites not just attract, but overcome overwhelming odds to be together? Or do their differences block their match from the start? 

    If you would like to participate in the Release Event and/or Request to Review BLOCKED, you can find out more information HERE.


    Jennifer Lane is giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card and an Advanced Reader Copy of BLOCKED on her Facebook page! You can enter HERE.

    About the Author:

    Get psyched for romance with psychologist/author (psycho author) Jennifer Lane! By day she witnesses growth in her psychotherapy clients, and by night she wrangles misbehaving fictional characters as she writes sports romance and romantic suspense with a psychological twist. She can’t decide which is more fun.

    A swimmer and volleyball player in college, Jen wove some of her own experiences into Streamline—a military mystery about swimmers. And readers can dip their toes into Jen’s world of swimming romance by sampling her free New Adult novella Swim RecruitGo HERE.

    College volleyball romance Blocked is Jen’s newest release, launching 10-21-14. Peek inside big-time college sports and even bigger national politics when the offspring of two presidential candidates find out whether opposites really do attract, or their match is blocked from the start.

    Stories of redemption interest Jen the most, especially the healing power of love. She is also the author of The Conduct Series, a romantic suspense trilogy that includes With Good Behavior, Bad Behavior, and On Best Behavior. Ultimately, whether writing or reading, Jen loves stories that make her laugh and cry.

    In her spare time she enjoys exercising, attending book club, hanging out with her plus-size, “I’m not fat, I’m big-boned” Izzie cat, and visiting her sisters and their families in Chicago and Hilton Head. 

     photo AToMRPRomotionslogo_zps7a14e565.png

    Honestly, that is one hot cover for a sports book! I really like it. What do you think? 

    In other news, I'd like to thank Jennifer and AToMR for letting us be part of the cover reveal. Thank you, readers, for stopping by!